Press Release: Dr. Simon Akinteye - Helping to prepare Nigeria’s power sector to acquire the necessary knowledge to make those important generation and distribution deals

Helping to prepare Nigeria’s power sector to acquire the necessary knowledge to make those important generation and distribution deals


Caption: Dr. Simon Akinteye, course facilitator of the upcoming Effective Financial Modelling by the Spintelligent Training Academy.

The Spintelligent Training Academy has been empowering individuals, teams and organisations to reach their goals through knowledge, understanding and innovation since its inception. We have already aligned ourselves and serviced many organisations in Nigeria with our training courses and now we are introducing our new Effective Financial Modelling training course to business professionals within the region. Introducing our expert course facilitator, Dr. Simon Akinteye, the Dean of Faculty at West African School of Forensic Studies.

Dr Akinteye, in your opinion, what are the most pressing challenges in the power sector at the moment?
One of the most pressing challenges facing the power sector in Nigeria is to increase power generation to bridge the huge gap, the amount of energy needed by the nation, and the energy that all the Power Generating Companies (Gencos) are able to supply to the Power Distribution Companies (Discos). Therefore, most of the Discos are currently inviting the investing public, both local and international, to submit their RFP (Request for Proposal) for power generation. Herein lies another challenge: the preparation of the financial modelling for a Financial Tender, including Financial Modelling of the Tariff and other components of the tender over the lifespan of the Power Plant.

What are the most important aspects of your training course that ensure a valuable learning experience?
This course is a must-attend for all those having finance related functions within the Power Sector, either within the Discos, Gencos and the O&M Corporations. This course will feature, among other, important modules including revenue modelling, expenditure modelling, modelling WACC, cash flow modelling, statement of comprehensive income modelling, balance sheet modelling and modelling the financials for a comprehensive RFP.

Who should attend the Financial Modelling for Power course?
This course is a must attend for CFOs, Treasurers, Accountants, Finance Managers, Finance Officers, Revenue Assurance Officers, Expenditure Control Officers, Planning and Strategy Officers. The course will also be useful to the CEOs who need to have a good grasp of the financial activities of their company, including the board members serving within the Finance and General Purpose Committees. The course is also must-attend for bankers, insurance practitioners and consultants within the Power Sector.

What can participants expect during the training course? What are these sessions about?
The curriculum for this training course is intensive. The training is full of practical sessions, case studies, scenario modelling, group exercises and assignments. All participants are required to attend this course with their laptop and be ready for very stimulating but intensive sessions.

Any other general comments about the Effective Financial Modelling training course?
This course is the most comprehensive training on financial modelling that can be accessed within the country. It offers participants comprehensive, hands-on skills and expertise in financial modelling, which is key knowledge for everyone involved in the finance related roles within and outside the power sector, particularly bankers, insurers, consultants and other practitioners in the sector.

About Dr. Simon Akinteye

Dr. Simon Akinteye is the Dean of Faculty at West African School of Forensic Studies. Dr. Akinteye is a Professor of Finance and Accounting with North Atlantic University of Management Sciences Dominica and a Professor of Management with Monarch University Switzerland. He is also a member of Faculty at the Business School of the Netherlands within the BSN International Action Learning MBA Program with specific focus on Finance and Financial Management.

Furthermore, Dr. Akinteye is a member of International Faculty at SPINTELLIGENT South Africa where he leads forums and trainings in areas covering Power Purchase Agreements, Financing the Power Sector in Africa and Financial Modeling in the Power Sector. Dr. Akinteye holds a BSc. in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK;  MBA (Wealth Management) from Manchester University, UK, M.Phil in Finance with Distinction from UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland and a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance Degree with Distinction from the University for Graduate Studies in Management-Monarch Business School Switzerland. His research interests cover Forensic Accounting, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Quality, Risk Management and Strategy.

The Effective Financial Modelling training course is a product of Spintelligent Training Academy, and will he held on:

22 – 25 May 2016, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos
21 – 23 September 2016, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos

Should you require more information on the course, or would like to register visit or call Neal Esau on +27 21 700 3565 or email