Business Strategies for Renewable Energy

Identify and exploit regional opportunities to maximise return on investment with this exciting course

This highly practical two-day course will enable you to:

  • Ensure the economic viability of renewable energy projects in different regions by  developing tailor-made market entry strategies 
  • Exploit current and future opportunities in the green energy sector by reviewing the specific costs and benefits of different energy sources
  • Explore project considerations to minimise investment risks and manage their financial implications
  • Review the investment profiles, risks and financial implications of the most recent renewable energy projects in Africa
  • Understand the considerations, options for action and behaviour of key participants to explore the landscape of supply and demand of renewable energies 
  • Analyse the potential and realities current energy policies and market incentives to define your role, opportunities and challenges


Press Release - Business Strategies for Renewable Energy


The African continent has massive potential to use renewable energy sources. With most of its potential still untapped, power companies and investors have unique opportunities in these markets. The growing interest is being fuelled by political directives to meet environmental and sustainability targets. The internal rates of return (IRR) can also match and exceed traditional investments made by private equity.

The continent could become a gold mine for renewable energy due to abundant solar and wind resources. But roadblocks to clean energy worldwide are amplified throughout the troubled regions of Africa - financial resources are thin and infrastructure is often unreliable.

It is for this reason that Spintelligent has produced an event to address these challenges head on. Our Business Strategies for Renewable Energy training workshop will attract high performers from key utilities across East, West and Southern Africa, offering the ideal context to train, develop and benchmark with leaders in the industry.

We aim to facilitate growth in the sector through these premium learning opportunities and we look forward to ushering you into an era of sustained growth and heightened performance.


Press Release - Business Strategies for Renewable Energy

Power industry professionals who are seeking to gain a strategic overview of the concepts and methodologies, alongside practical tips for improving their investment planning in renewable energy projects including:
  • General Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Senior Investment Managers
  • Project Finance Advisors
  • Asset Strategy & Investment Planning Managers
  • Chief Engineers for Infrastructure Investment Planning
  • Business Integration and Performance Managers
  • Regional Infrastructure Managers
  • Revenue Managers
Managers, advisors and experts in a range of organisations including: 
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governments, regulators and market operators
  • Industry associations
  • Consultancies


Press Release - Business Strategy for Renewable Energy



Ensure the economic viability of renewable energy projects in different regions by developing tailor-made market entry strategies

Key drivers

  • Policy
  • Economic
  • Investment returns
  • Corporate strategy

Key players and roles

  • The considerations, options for action and behaviour of key participants
  • The potential versus the reality
  • Role, opportunity, challenges for private equity funds

Supply of energy

  • Energy supply on African continent
  • Possible future risks associated with current supply
  • Discussion on efficient use of energy

Renewable energy – definitions

  • Different types of renewable energy sources
    - Solar, biomass, wind, waste
    - Biofuels, hydro, geothermal, wave tidal, ground sourced, clever technologies
  • Biomass – Combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, anaerobic digestion, fermentation etc.

Interactive session: Analyse the current preferred sources for Africa and review the performance and regional opportunities

Energy policy and market incentives for renewables

  • Global, government, national and local motivation
  • Corporate business, strategy – good business or CSI?
  • Supply
  • Grants, tax relief, buy back agreements, etc.
  • Short discussion on nuclear and shale gas, will it influence the renewable sector?



Power generation through renewables

  • Re-state main sectors from project perspective
  • Investment profile, risk
  • Structuring the project, financial implications
  • Biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, ‘new technologies’ (VAM, CMM, LFG)

Specific opportunities – per country

  • Geographical opportunities
  • Renewables, past and present per region
  • Future opportunities
  • Discussion – key projects per region/country

Interactive session: Apply and leverage current data and information to define success factors for project and investment strategies

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