ISO 55000 Life Cycle Management

Apply new ISO standards for improved performance with this practical two-day course

Attend this course to:

  • Navigate your way around the content and intent of the standards.
  • Measure the benefits of an asset management intervention.
  • Develop the SAMP (strategic asset management plan) - the key to unlocking value. We will introduce a set of tools and processes to achieve this.
  • Understand the certification process.
  • Balance the conformance and performance tensions. Conformance manages risk, while performance delivers value.
  • Structure short cycle improvement activities using the rapid results methodology.
  • Overcome resistance to change.

What is the programme about?

In the current economic climate, it is vital to heighten performance of your utility and prevent loss wherever possible. Improving operational performance, mitigating risk and instilling a culture of commitment are imperative to continuous improvement.

This course will help you do just that, by demonstrating the practical benefits of implementing ISO 55000 into your asset management strategies. We will demonstrate requirements and specifications for an effective asset management system, as well as provide guidance for the implementation thereof. The course will be presented in a practical and comprehensive format allowing participants to enjoy a well-rounded and interactive learning experience.

It is highly recommended that professionals from energy and fully automatised manufacturing industries who are involved in any aspect of asset management attend this course. This would include staff from:

  • Project, design and asset management
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Reliability engineering
  • Technical support

Quality personnel, managers, advisors and experts in a range of organisations including:

  • Power and utilities
  • IPPs
  • Municipalities


  • Understanding the differential between asset management and maintenance management.
  • Is Asset Management succeeding in its intents?
  • Creating and making the persuasive argument for an asset management investment.
  • Qualifying the value of an asset management investment and how to quantify the value contribution.
  • Establishing Asset Management and an Asset Management System within your organisation.


  • Understanding the role and benefits of management standards.
  • Examining the structure and language of the ISO 55000 standard.
  • How ISO 55000 aligns to other management system standards (ISO9001, 31001, 14001).
  • Understanding the relationship of ISO 55000 to other bodies of knowledge (IIMM, internal company standards, industry sector standards, GFMAM 39 subjects).
  • Is certification applicable to all organisations?


  • Identification of the key document requirements within the Asset Management System.
  • Analysing the role of the asset management policy.
  • How to establish leadership, sponsorship and organisational commitment.
  • Making informed asset investment decisions.
  • Creating a constituency through stakeholder identification and alignment.
  • Differentiating between strategic versus tactical motivations.
  • Creating clear alignment between the organisational objectives and asset contribution.
  • What is a SAMP (Strategic Asset Management Plan), its importance and how to transform intent into action.
  • Practical exercises and examples in defining and documenting the SAMP.


  • Translating the intents of the SAMP into an accountable delivery framework.
  • Sustaining and leveraging sponsor involvement throughout the delivery process.
  • Reviewing the role of organisational structure and role alignment to achieving intent.
  • Highlighting competency requirements.
  • Understanding the organs of performance – what tool when.
  • Aligning performance with the strategic intent.
  • Assessing asset related risk management.
  • Creating ongoing success through short cycle improvement projects, using the rapid results methodology.
  • Aligning your CMMS in order to create an information and knowledge asset.
  • Effective project management of ISO 55000 implementation
  • Documentation in support of planning and execution.


  • Understanding and managing resistance to change.
  • Key models for managing engagement, in order to channel resistance.
  • Functional versus dysfunctional conflict.
  • Managing power and influence within the organisation.
  • Understanding and using the Kotter model for successful project execution.


  • Monitoring, measuring and strategic control of projects.
  • Strategy control versus strategy execution.
  • Internal audit and management review.
  • Asset Management System evaluation and improvement.
  • Non-conformity and corrective action.
  • Driving continual improvement through the asset management system.
  • Improvement culture and the challenges.
  • Understanding the assessment process.
  • How to approach the initial assessment and any findings.
  • Ongoing assessment.
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