Joint Ventures in the Oil and Gas sector

Your definitive guide to maximising opportunities through successful partnerships in Africa

·         Align your brand with key players within the oil & gas sector

·         Gather leads and business opportunities

·         Position yourself alongside leading brands

·         Network and forge new partnerships

·         Understand the industry trends and how to remain ahead of the curve

Kenya is on the cusp of significant and speedy development within the oil & gas sector. However, uncertainty exists within local companies and suppliers as to methods of market entry, navigating an immature regulatory environment and identifying associated risks and opportunities of such sector expansion.

New legislation is on the horizon to provide the much needed framework for expansion. However, this is causing confusion around levels of national control, equity split and local content prescriptions. The Petroleum Bill strongly recommends preference for Kenyan goods, services and employment. The best way to achieve the regulated demand for a high percentage of local content is through effective private sector joint ventures.

Overcoming the uncertainty within the private sector is key to encouraging successful joint ventures and uplifting the Kenyan oil & gas sector. Businesses need a sound foundation from which to form partnerships, as well as navigate policy and protect themselves in trade agreements.

This programme is the answer to addressing the concerns of the private sector. Course content will raise awareness on real issues surrounding joint ventures and how to practically prepare to mitigate associated risks, while making the most of the opportunities presented. Further to this, the course will support the private sector to confidently navigate these projects and maintain competitive edge.

Who should attend?

• Private sector companies looking to increase involvement in oil & gas related activities

• Public sector representatives and ministries

Module 1:


Background – Setting the Scene

·         The industry and key drivers

·         Selecting the right partner

·         Contractual structure and process

·         Why Joint Ventures?

·         Reasons for a Joint Operating Agreement

·         Sharing risks and rewards

·         Model form contracts

·         Contractual and fiscal structures

Confidentiality Agreements

·         Form

·         What is confidential information?

·         Limitations and restrictions

·         Return of information

·         Right to disclose

·         Duration

Host Government – Obligations and Rights

·         Political risks

·         Sovereign immunity

·         Land issues

·         Currency and exchange rates

·         Assistance, consents

·         Local content requirements

·         General Legal Issues

·         Different legal systems

·         International law

·         Conflicting laws

·         Safety

·         Environmental law

·         Dispute Resolution

·         Preliminary Agreements

·         Letters of intent

·         Side letters

·         Options

·         Tendering and inquiry package


Module 2:



Area of Mutual Interest Agreement (AMI)

·         Purpose

·         Appointment of operator

·         Non-compete

·         Cost sharing/Data exchange

·         Agreed JOA

·         Duration

·         Joint Bidding (Application) Agreements

·         Purpose – difference to AMI

·         Scope and duration

·         Parties interests/Liabilities

·         Management committee

·         Evaluation, programme and budget

·         License application procedure


Module 3:


Negotiation tactics

Being an effective negotiator in the oil and gas industry

·         Planning tools

·         Options for objectives – Slicing or expanding the pie

·         Creating value

·         Identifying your objectives and strategy

·         Strategy variables – BATNA and ZOPA


Practical Exercise: Negotiation simulation

Examine the key challenges and review new tactics in a negotiation simulation based on and Oil and Gas Joint Venture. This will generate constructive feedback to apply to your next negotiation.


WORKSHOP 1: Joint Operating Agreements

·         Parties

·         Exclusivity

·         Operator

·         OpComm

·         Cost control and contracting

·         Transfers

·         Withdrawal


WORKSHOP 2: Joint Operating Agreements

·         Liabilities

·         Decommissioning

·         Default

·         Boilerplate provisions

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