Revenue Assurance for Power

Supercharge your organisation to boost operational performance and prevent revenue loss with this interactive two-day course

Attend this course to:

  • Apply a proactive rather than reactive approach to revenue protection.
  • Identify pitfalls and weaknesses to improve risk mitigation.  
  • Secure competitive edge through improved client service and standards of best practice.
  • Cultivate a culture of revenue protection throughout the organisation.
  • Track operational costs and revenue saved through increased visibility.
What is the programme about?

Welcome to Revenue Assurance for Power – your comprehensive look at preventing revenue loss.

Loss of electricity and revenue is a daunting challenge facing the power industry in Africa. We have designed a training to directly address these challenges head on, to protect your bottom line by becoming finance savvy and cultivating an inherent culture of risk management.

This practical workshop aims to ensure airtight operational performance, through strategies focused on identifying, quantifying and minimising leakages, losses and risks within your organisation. Detecting and managing tampering, theft and fraud preventing methods, as well as mitigating the threat of technical and non-technical losses will be covered in detail. We will empower you with the tools to mitigate regulatory frameworks, which can impact on smart meter roll outs and provide a unique perspective on managing data to optimise competitive edge and customer relations.  

Engr. Uzoma D. Achinanya will take you step by step through the implementation phases, with a focus on best practice and preferred remedial actions.  Practical regional case studies, coupled with international lessons learned will position you for optimal deployment and rapid integration of those practices into power related environments.


Executives at all levels of management who wish to maximise operational performance and minimise loss:

  • Revenue protection supervisors
  • Revenue protection operators / technicians
  • Revenue protection auditors
  • Maintenance technicians (electricity and water)
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Customer data officials
  • Credit control officials

Managers, advisors and experts in a range of organisations including:

  • Power and utilities
  • Utilities and  IPPs
  • Municipalities
  • Government and regulators
  • Academics


Revenue Assurance for Power

Boost operational performance and prevent revenue loss

Module 1

Introduction to the concepts of revenue assurance                                                                                   

  • Evolution of revenue protection: an African perspective
  • How to establish a revenue loss protection platform in your organisation
  • Understand the different phases of revenue loss
  • Identify the operational processes to be implemented and ensure organisational readiness

Practical examples and case studies will be used throughout the course, to illustrate theory and facilitate a holistic learning process.

Module 2

Process optimization to minimise losses                                                          

  • Inspecting meter services for signs of theft and tampering
  • Implement the necessary auditing processes and communication channels
  • Recognize best remedial actions and controls
  • Ensure accurate methods of data collection and management                                                       

Module 3  

Identify and investigate sources of leakages                       

  • Employ the most accurate investigation methods
  • Define prevalent technical and non-technical losses and the impact on your organisation                                                                  
  • Identify best tampering detection processes
  • Conduct an effective fraud and theft investigation

Extended session: Participants will take an in-depth and practical look at revenue protection strategies through practical examples and success stories

Module 4

Beyond compliance: Standards of best practice in revenue protection                                

  • Highlight the influence of the regulatory environment
  • Adapt processes to ensure compliance
  • Incorporate regional and international trends hybrid of best practices

Practical Insights: The facilitator will discuss pragmatic methods to navigate the challenges presented by regulatory frameworks and while ensuring compliance and transparency                   

Module 5

The impact of technological advances

  • Maximise new technology to minimise losses
  • Create synergy between people, processes and technology
  • Upgrade methodologies to align with organisational goals
  • Use data and reporting in an effective way 

Group Discussion: Delegates will have the opportunity to unpack the importance of effective data analysis and management as well as customer buy in

Module 6

Applying lessons learned in an African context                                                               

  • Sources of Revenue losses in a Utility
  • Define roles and responsibilities: revenue protection team
  • Map a revenue protection project (RPP)
  • The Pentagon: reviewing a case in point

Practical Session: An interactive session designed to assist participants in developing a Revenue Protection Project


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